Important Tips for Using Disposable Vapes in a Heatwave

Important Tips for Using Disposable Vapes in a Heatwave

It’s important to take care when vaping during extreme heat!

9 August 2022 | Hannah Rubery

Important Tips for Using Disposable Vapes in a Heatwave (Image)

The UK and much of the EU have seen rising temperatures this past month in the form of scorching heatwaves; and they’re not planned to go anywhere. Although we’ll soon have some respite with the oncoming autumn months, summers are likely to be much hotter and heatwaves more likely, from here on out. One thing we take for granted is things working as intended, and when it comes to electronic devices, that’s certainly the case. Now when we mix extreme heat with electronic devices which already create heat, like disposable vapes, problems can occur.

Why can heatwaves cause a problem for electronics?

Disposable vapes at their heart, are electronical devices that run on batteries, and we all know by now that batteries need to be treated with care! Devices that run on batteries don’t tend to work well under extreme heat or direct sunlight.

Most disposable vape devices are made with a plastic shell so you might think that it wouldn’t be as bad as tank kits made from metal. But plastic is a heat insulator, a great one at that, which makes it efficiently trap heat. This is great for things like containing much of the heat generated inside your disposable, but when extra heat is added from an outside source, this is when problems start.

Batteries don’t react well to heat or direct sunlight because of the lithium they contain. When mixed with extreme heat they can begin to leak and in worst-case scenario, explode. So, make sure to keep your disposable vapes out of direct sunlight for long periods of time to avoid any mishaps! That’s not to say don’t take your vape out to enjoy a puff while outside, just don’t leave it out sunbathing.

Things not to do with your disposable vapes in extreme heat

There are a few things you should definitely not do with your disposable vapes in extreme heat.

Firstly, don’t leave your disposable vapes in your car. The news often reminds people to not keep pets and children inside a hot car during a heatwave, but they don’t mention your electronic devices. The temperature inside your car is magnified from that outside meaning that the inside is usually far hotter. So if you imagine what temperature it is outside, you can pretty much double it and that’s what it will feel like inside a locked car. Leaving your disposable vapes inside at these temperatures is certainly dangerous, and even more so if they’re left in the sun on a dashboard or seat.

Secondly, be mindful of where you leave your disposable vape when out and about. If you like many others are hitting the beach during a heatwave, it’s easy to put your vape in your bag and drop it on the sand while you have your fun. The problem with this is that sand conducts heat – your feet know this, that’s why beach sandals are a must. Despite the layer between the sand and your disposable vape, the heat can still transfer to your device and create a potential hazard. Its best to keep it in a pocket of loose clothing or stow it safely in the shade.

Thirdly, watch your vaping method. For many, chain-vaping is easy enough to do and even on a normal day, this can make your vape start to overheat. So imagine this in a heatwave. The method of avoiding this issue is thankfully quite simple – just take it easy. By vaping more consciously and pausing between puffs will allow your disposable’s coil to cool down in between.

What to look out for when using your disposables in a heatwave

If you’re vaping during these periods of extreme heat there’s a few signs you can look out for to let you know if things are going wrong with your vape.

One of the obvious signs is if your disposable vape feels hotter than usual. Chances are you’ve been vaping for some time now so you’re more than likely to notice if your device feels hotter than normal. This can be the warning sign the battery in your device is beginning to overheat. Immediately stop vaping and, if you can, put it down in a shaded spot to let it cool down. It might mean you have to wait a little while for your next puff but rather that than the harm of a potentially exploding battery. Once its cooled down inspect it thoroughly to make sure it’s safe to use.

Make sure to listen to your device too, if it starts making strange high-pitched noises, there’s a good chance the disposable’s battery is failing. If you feel the need to toss the device away from you for your own safety then do so, just make sure not to throw it by anything potentially flammable.
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It’s also important to make sure that your disposable vapes are legitimate and not illicit copies. There are many reports of cheap versions of popular brands flooding the market and the problem with these is that they often don’t have many of the safety features UK or EU-made disposables must have in order to be sold in the UK and EU. Battery safety has always been a must for products in the UK and EU, and knock-off devices are unlikely to have these. Check your devices on the brand’s website to check the authenticity of your device.

Hopefully these tips help you have a safe time vaping during extreme heat. It’s important to take care of yourself and watch out for others during such times, and be mindful of your electronic devices.