Discover the Best Starter Kit for You - Pod Vape Kits

Discover the Best Starter Kit for You - Pod Vape Kits

Evolve away from smoking with Pod Vape Kits.

24 April 2024 | Hannah Rubery

Discover the Best Starter Kit for You - Pod Vape Kits (Image)

Looking to ditch the smokes? You're not alone! Many folks are swapping cigarettes for vaping, hailed as a less harmful alternative. But, oh boy, making the switch can feel like stepping into a jungle. With so many gadgets and gizmos out there, where do you even start? Fear not! For newbies, picking the right vape kit is key to not ending up back on the smokes in a fit of frustration. Let's cut through the haze and get down to the basics of vape kits, zooming in on pod vapes — your new best friend for kicking off this journey.

Vape Kits: From No-Fuss to Fancy

Vaping gadgets are like snowflakes - no two are exactly the same. They cater to your vibe, whether you're just dipping your toes or ready to dive deep into the world of vaping. Let's unpack the three main devices:

Pod Vape Kits

Think of pod vapes as the easy-breezy choice. These little guys are the perfect plus-one for beginners, mirroring the simplicity of traditional cigs without the fuss. They come in two flavours: pre-filled for those who want to keep it simple and refillable for the adventurous souls eager to explore a kaleidoscope of tastes. It's basically vaping with training wheels, but cooler.

Pen Kits

Ready to level up? Pen kits are like the older, slightly more sophisticated sibling. Shaped in a simple but effective pen shapes, they pack more punch and let you dabble in the art of E-liquid mixology. Expect bigger clouds, longer playtime, and a bit more elbow grease in terms of upkeep.

Mod Kits

Welcome to the major leagues, where mod kits sit on the throne. These are for the brave, the ones who like their clouds big and their flavours bold. Mods are the DIY project of the vaping world - tweak this, adjust that, and voilà, a personalised vape. They're bulkier, sure, but with great power comes greater clouds. Anyway, they're a bit high-maintenance and need you to know your stuff when it comes to Ohms and battery safety, making them perfect for the enthusiasts or anyone who treats vaping as more than just a hobby.

Pod vape kits - Evolve devices (Image)

Let's Dive Into the Pod Vape Kit

Ever wonder why pod vapes are a hit with the newbie crowd? It's all about keeping it simple, folks. Basically, you've got two pieces to this puzzle:

The Gadget

This pod vape device is where the innovation unfolds. It houses the battery and the essential technological components required to power up the device. These devices are available in a variety of designs, ranging from economical plastic versions to luxurious metal finishes. For enthusiasts seeking greater control, certain high-end models feature digital displays. These allow users to adjust wattage, monitor puff counts, and keep tabs on battery life, ensuring you're always prepared.

The Pods

Introducing the real game-changers: pods. These compact, magical devices are where your E-liquid (or vape juice) meets the coil, the crucial component that heats up to produce that delightful vapour. You have two types of pods to choose from:
• Closed Pods: Simplicity at its best. Pre-filled with E-liquid, they offer convenience and ease. Once depleted, simply replace them with a new one. Enjoy a hassle-free experience.
• Open Pods: Tailored for explorers and DIY enthusiasts. These pods allow you to enjoy any flavour you like by refilling with your E-Liquid of choice, offering a more hands-on approach. While they require a bit more upkeep, such as coil replacement, the benefits include cost savings and the satisfaction of enjoying more flavours or even blending your own!

Get Your Vape On with Pod Salt

Picking the right pod vape kit? Look no further than Pod Salt Evolve - your new best friend if you're just diving into the world of vaping. Here's the scoop on why it's the perfect match for beginners...


Pod Salt have made Evolve as easy as pie. Thanks to its closed-pod tech, you can say goodbye to the hassle of changing coils or refilling E-liquid. It's all about snapping in a pod and you're good to go - no mess, no fuss. Oh, and those pods? They're magnetically clicked in there, so they're not going anywhere until you say so.

Pod vape kits - Evolve pod vape device and pods (Image)

Taste Victory with Award-Winning Nic Salts

Remember the first time you tried something and it just clicked? That's Pod Salt's Nic Salts for you. They're smoother than a smoothie on a summer day and deliver that nicotine hit faster than you can say "vape." They've got everything from your old-school tobacco to wild fruit blends that'll make your taste buds sing. And quality? They never compromise.

Everything You Need, Right Out of the Box

The Evolve Starter Kit serves as the perfect introduction to vaping, offering a rechargeable pen device alongside a pre-filled pod in your preferred flavour. It simplifies the vaping experience to something as easy as making a cup of coffee, all while being priced to keep your wallet content. Consider it the eco-friendlier and more stylish alternative to disposable vapes.

So, what’ll it be? Cherry Ice, Watermelon Breeze, Mixed Berries Ice, Fresh Mint, Cola Lime, or Blue Raspberry?

Clearing Up the Vape Haze for Newcomers

For folks looking to ditch the smokes, it's pretty much a game-changer. The trick is to find the right kit that vibes with your life. Once you've snagged the perfect device, you're all set to bask in your new tobacco-free glow. And hey, don't just take our word for it – research and the NHS are singing vaping's praises as a quit-smoking MVP.

Feeling swamped by all the choices? Don't sweat it. A little nudge in the right direction and the ideal kit in your hand, and you're on the express train to a smoke-free life. Whether you're all about the plug-and-play simplicity of a pod vape or the custom cool of a mod, take your time. Hunt around for something that feels right. With the best starter kit, you'll be strutting your smoke-free stuff before you know it.