4 Reasons Why Disposable Vapes Are Popular

4 Reasons Why Disposable Vapes Are Popular

Disposable vapes continue to be popular with vapers.

22 November 2022 | Hannah Rubery

4 Reasons Why Disposable Vapes Are Popular (Image)

In the UK, disposable vapes have proven just as popular as around the world. A recent review highlighted the change in popularity, with disposable vapes being used by 4.6% of vapers in 2021. Now in 2022, this figure has shot up to 15.2% of vapers using disposables. And this can be seen across the globe with disposables becoming increasingly popular. But why are disposables so popular?

What are disposable vapes?

Disposable vape devices are single-use vape devices that are ready to vape straight from the box. These handheld devices are usually slimline and extremely portable. Each device, often shaped like a pen but has evolved into a variety of new shapes, contains a pre-filled amount of E-Liquid, battery and coil. As they are disposable, they cannot be recharged or refilled.

So, why did vaping become even more popular after the creation of disposable vapes?

The ultimate, convenient way to vape for newcomers

One of the main selling points of disposables is their sheer convenience. Disposable vapes are ready to go straight from the box and require no maintenance. This makes them perfect for newcomers to vaping who have no prior experience with vaping but are looking to quit smoking.

Disposable vapes are also super convenient. You can pick one up from many shops including popular supermarkets, ideal for when the cravings hit. Perfectly slimline, these devices are perfect for your pocket and are much cheaper alternatives to heavy, mod kits that you might not want to take out and about with you.

Taste the difference with disposables

Many people have claimed that disposable vapes taste better than normal vape juice. And there’s potentially a good reason for that. The cotton wicks inside disposable vapes are much more saturated than normal kits. Most disposable vapes are sat in storage after being assembled before being sold, and this means that their cotton wicks are sat soaking up E-Liquid sometimes for months before use.

As any vaper knows, a well-soaked wick is the best way to ensure a good quality flavour and vape. If your cotton is not well saturated it can create a burnt taste and saturating your wick can take some time. So pre-packaged devices that already have the E-Liquid built in are less likely to have this issue and will deliver the desired flavour and hit much easier.

Read more about why disposables can taste better.

Variety is the spice of a vaper’s life

One thing is for sure, with the rise in popularity of disposable vapes, the variety of them has increased. Gone are the days when there were only a few flavours and brands available. Instead, there are likely hundreds of different brands and more complex flavours available. For vapers, disposables become a perfect way for trying out new brands and flavours, as most brands nowadays offer a disposable device.

For example, here at Pod Salt, we offer the Go 600 range of disposable devices. These cover many of our most popular core flavours, including a couple you can’t enjoy in any other way. So, if you try a Go 600 and decide you’ve found your favourite vape, we’re sure you will, there’s a very good chance that you can purchase a 10ml Nic Salt of the same flavour from us.

Great quality at a great price

Things have also improved since the very first disposable vape. Now it's quite easy to find good quality vapes that feel like you’re using a vape tank or pod kit. Disposable devices more commonly use nicotine salts E-Liquid which offer a better nicotine hit and a more pleasant vape. Pod Salt’s Go 600 devices feature our superior nicotine salts which create a smoother experience than the rest.

More disposables are also investing in using mesh coils for their devices which help to create a great vape. And with most disposables at around five pounds, they are readily affordable for those looking to quit smoking. Although, if you are vaping disposables frequently, you’ll notice that it is cheaper in the long run to use 10ml bottles of shortfills.

Legal disposable devices in the UK can only contain 2ml of E-Liquid and may last you a day, but a 10ml bottle of Nic Salts which is usually cheaper than a disposable would likely last you 3-4 days.

Overall, there are a variety of reasons that make disposable devices understandably popular. Will they always remain popular? The vaping world is often in flux with new trends occurring each year so who knows, perhaps next year may see an alternative method of vaping become more popular.