How to Calculate How Many Puffs in E-Liquid

How to Calculate How Many Puffs in E-Liquid

It's relatively simple but the key is to remember it’s only estimation!

15 November 2022 | Hannah Rubery

How to Calculate How Many Puffs in E-Liquid (Image)

Disposable vapes gave rise to the usage of puff count for understanding how long a vape will last. Although this works great with disposables that have a set capacity, battery and type of coil, it gets a little more complicated for traditional E-Liquids and vape kits. But we can work out approximately how many puffs you can expect from your E-Liquid.

There are many factors that can impact how long your E-Liquid lasts

For those who enjoy vaping and struggle to put their device down, it should be no surprise that your E-Liquid will run out quicker than expected. Similarly, different types of vape such as sub-ohm kits and devices that use higher temperatures to create denser clouds, are more likely to eat through your vape juice quicker. Essentially if you are using a high-powered device, you’re E-Liquid is likely to be used up a lot quicker.

You also need to consider the type of E-Liquid you’re vaping. Those with high VG ratios could have more muted flavours so you may end up vaping more than anticipated. Similarly, if the nicotine strength is lower than you need, you could end up vaping more to get your necessary hit.

If you want to get the most out of your E-Liquid, opting for a low-powered device and taking it steady when vaping, will give you the best results. But we know that not all E-Liquids can be vapourised properly by low-powered devices. Making sure you are using the correct setup for your type of E-Liquid is but one of the ways to get the most puffs available. For high VG E-Liquids, Sub-Ohm tanks work best whereas high PG or 50/50 ratios benefit from clearomisers.

Nic Salts vs Shortfills – which should you choose?

When talking about the number of puffs you get per ml of E-Liquid, it’s obvious the winner will be shortfills, after all, they are much larger bottles. But the reason why they’re much bigger is they are nicotine free. To create a nicotine vape from these you must add nicotine shots to the mixture, which is something many vapers looking to enjoy a maximum amount of E-Liquid often do.

Shortfills are perfect for those looking to get the most for their money, but they do tend to be a lower nicotine strength than what some people need. For example, new starters to vaping fresh off cigarettes would likely find shortfills mixed with a nicotine shot don’t provide a strong enough hit. This is because the nic shots are capped at 20mg in strength and when added to a shortfill, which is much higher in volume, it dilutes the strength.

Often, a shortfill can vary from 3mg to 6mg in strength when mixed. This is great for those looking to cut down on nicotine and make the vape juice last longer, but not so much for those just beginning their quitting journey.

That’s where Nic Salts come in. These pre-mixed vape juices come in 10ml bottles but offer stronger nicotine strengths all the way up to 20mg. For heavy smokers making the switch to vaping, this type of E-Liquid is more likely to benefit you.

Simple way to calculate approximately how many puffs in your E-Liquid

As mentioned before, it can be difficult to pin down an exact number since there are so many variables, but we can use disposable devices as a baseline. We know that a device with 2ml of E-Liquid (likely 20mg in strength and a 50/50 ratio) typically uses a low-powered battery compared to higher-end kits. This equates to around 600 puffs – give or take varying on how heavy you vape.

So, a 10ml of Nic Salts used in a low-powered device like a pod kit, could potentially give you up to 3000 puffs. Nic Salts lend themselves to low-powered devices due to the increased strength of nicotine and the thickness of the vape juice. It’s likely then that a bottle will last you 3-5 days depending on how you vape.

Moving up a notch, a 50ml shortfill (mixed with a Nic Shot) to create a 60ml E-Liquid, could give you up to 18,000 puffs. Depending on how you vape, you could essentially have a shortfill bottle that lasts you 25-30 days.

We also have 100ml shortfills which become 120ml E-Liquid bottles once two Nic Shots have been added. Since we know how many puffs you could potentially achieve from a 60ml, we can assume then it must be around double for a shortfill of this size (36,000).

The conclusion

These numbers should be taken with a pinch of salt though as it’s not likely you’ll be able to get the maximum amount necessary, as there are simply too many variables with vaping. Hopefully, this gives you more of an idea of the number of puffs you may get with your E-Liquid.

Do you have any tips for helping maximise your E-Liquid? Let us know in the comments below.