Vape Review – Nexus E-Liquids

Vape Review – Nexus E-Liquids

We review Nexus E-Liquids, a mind-blowing mix of flavours combined in each bottle!

30 November | Hannah Rubery

Vape Review – Nexus E-Liquids (Image)

Welcome to Nexus

The next generation of E-Liquids from Pod Salt, Nexus blends together contrasting and complimenting tastes to create an enhanced flavour combos to create a vaping experience like no other. This range of E-Liquids includes five different flavour combos inspired by tastes from around the world; Pro Green, Fuji Blend, Super Loe, Coco Sun and Citrus Mix.

Key Features:
●  Flavours from around the world
●  Features 5 different flavours
●  50ml shortfills in 70VG/30PG ratio
●  Also available as 10ml nicotine salt
●  Nicotine salt E-Liquids in strengths: 5mg/ml, 10mg/ml, 20mg/ml

If you’ve yet to try Nexus E-Liquids then let us tell you the thoughts from one of our vaping enthusiasts.

What makes it different from other similar products?

The unique flavour profiles really set this apart from other E-Liquids I’ve tried before. A quirky thing I love with these are the 50ml shortfills box designs; they just look great. I’ve really not found anything similar to this range!

What is your favourite flavour?

Citrus Mix with 5mg/ml nicotine – this flavour is literally the definition of an all-day vape! I’ve not seen this combo before, and it fast became my go to flavour.

How would you rate the flavour?

In terms of taste, it’s an almost tart take on grapefruit with a nice acidic texture but cut through by the sweetness of the raspberries and perfectly balanced out by the lime so the raspberry doesn’t overpower. It’s a pleasantly complex vape with the inhale focusing on grapefruit that moves into the sweet raspberry with a lovely lime undertone. This is literally my go-to salt; I wouldn’t change a thing.

Nexus E-Liquid Shortfill, Citrus Mix flavour (Image)

What was your experience with the product?

The presentation of the brand was striking. With its super neon style colours, it feels rebellious and fun. It just looks super fresh with great vibes to the branding. Vaping it for the day was superb.

I was constantly feeling the different layers within the flavour, sometimes the lime would come through stronger which was always a nice surprise. When the lime does come through more than an undertone, it can be a little much, but I can appreciate the role it plays in the overall flavour.

The great thing about this flavour is due to the complexity, different wattages in devices will produce different experiences. I found my favourite experience to be vaping it on quite a low powered pod device, namely the original Caliburn.

What’s your final rating?

5 stars rating (Image)I’d have to give this 5 stars, just because of that Citrus Mix that really is phenomenal. And the fact that the flavour can differ between devices, means you can really tailor this to suit you.

- Bryan White, Vaping Enthusiast.

My Verdict Title (Image)

Price & Value

The shortfills are priced at £14.99 and nicotine salts at £4.99 that is the market standard. These are absolutely worth the price, for such a considered and complex product with very appealing premium branding, it really stands out from the crowd.

Overall thoughts

You won’t be disappointed by the flavour combos brought to you by Nexus, especially if you’re already a fan of Pod Salt’s award-winning nicotine salts. Each E-Liquid creates a perfect balance of flavours that you can enjoy throughout the day, and with the eye-catching design, you can’t miss them on the shelf!

As the range includes shortfills and 10ml nicotine salts, Nexus gives you plenty of diversity with nicotine strength, perfect for those looking to make the switch from smoking to vaping, and for those looking to control their nicotine intake.