Menthol Cigarette Ban – Vaping Alternatives and Flavoured E-liquids

Menthol Cigarette Ban – Vaping Alternatives and Flavoured E-liquids

20 May | Daniel Hollyman

Menthol Cigarette (Image)

What is the Menthol Ban and why is it happening?

The UK Government has imposed a ban on the sale of menthol cigarettes and tobacco related products, effective from 20th May, leaving many smokers and vapers asking how this may affect them and what alternatives are out there.

The new legislation is aimed at deterring young people from smoking cigarettes and reducing the overall number of people taking up the habit. Menthol cigarettes are particularly popular with young people as the cool aftertaste makes them more flavoursome and easier on the throat, although just as toxic and dangerous as normal cigarettes. They have also been identified by experts as a ‘gateway’ to smoking addiction, leading to calls for stricter legislation.

In short, say goodbye to menthol-flavoured tobacco cigarettes from 20th May.

Say Goodbye to Menthol-flavoured tobacco cigarettes from 20th May (Image)

What choice can I make now?

For the 26% of all current smokers in the UK, the Menthol ban represents a moment of choice – either continue smoking (but only traditional cigarettes), make the switch to vaping alternatives, or quitting completely. There will be people on all sides, though for many ex-smokers, kicking the habit may be a challenge without support and nicotine alternatives.

Menthol-flavoured e-liquids provide a sensible middle-ground option for those who enjoy the taste of menthol cigarettes or crave a nicotine hit without all the toxicity associated with traditional cigarettes.

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