Top Shortfills for First-Time Vapers to Try in 2024

Top Shortfills for First-Time Vapers to Try in 2024

Go nicotine free with even more flavour.

14 March 2024 | Hannah Rubery

Top Shortfills for First-Time Vapers to Try in 2024 (Image)

Whether you're new to vaping or keen to give it a go, if you want to savour flavours like never before, shortfills are the way forward. Shortfills are E-Liquids that come in bigger bottles with room for you to add your own nicotine shots. This lets you take charge of your vape's strength for a smoother, milder experience.

Shortfills are packed with VG (Vegetable Glycerin), delivering a dense, velvety vapour with extra volume. They don't have pre-mixed nicotine, giving you the freedom to tweak the strength to suit your taste. Better yet you can even enjoy them completely nicotine free for the full flavour impact! Ready to explore top shortfill brands and their most-loved flavours? Jump into the exciting world of vaping!

1. Nexus Shortfills

Nexus Shortfills has really made a name for itself with its vibrant flavours, quality, and unique branding. Bigger, Bolder, Better. It perfectly sums up the heart of each blend they create. Enjoy authentic flavours that are tantalisingly sweet. With 20 amazing flavours to choose from we've cherry-picked three you can't miss.

Top 3 Flavours:
• Lime Raspberry Grapefruit: Get ready to taste the tropics with this zesty blend that hits the sweet spot between sharp and refreshing.
Lime Raspberry Grapefruit Nexus shortfill (Image)

• Lemon Lime Sorbet: Picture a burst of citrus followed by a cool sorbet finale - the ultimate summer day treat.
Lemon Lime Sorbet Nexus shortfill (Image)

• Sweet Strawberry Lemonade: Dive into memories of lazy sunny days with a glass of ice-cold strawberry lemonade, bringing back all those summery vibes.
Sweet Strawberry Lemonade Nexus shortfill (Image)

2. The Big Tasty Shortfills

The Big Tasty Shortfills offer a range that truly lives up to its name - packed with bold flavours and exciting variety. Get ready to explore a world of vibrant, intricate tastes adored by vapers everywhere. Explore their four different ranges focusing on exotic, candy, fresh and icy flavours or try our top three.

Get a Taste of These Featured Flavours:
• Midnight Berry Colada: Get ready for a burst of flavours as midnight berries mingle with a hint of coconut, like a tropical fiesta for your taste buds!
Midnight Berry Colada Big Tasty shortfill (Image)

• Strawberry Daiquiri: Dive into the essence of the classic cocktail with a sweet, syrupy strawberry twist in this e-juice flavour.
Strawberry Daiquiri Big Tasty shortfill (Image)

• Cola Lime Libre: A fun twist on the traditional cola, with a zesty lime kick to add an extra zing - a top pick for those looking for a fresh take on familiar flavours.
Cola Lime Libre Big Tasty shortfill (Image)

3. Dripp Shortfills

Dripp Shortfills is shaking up the vape juice scene with its creative flavour blends. Their collection is bursting with combinations that juggle cool, sweet, and tart notes. These classic flavours are reimagined in new ways with our three favourites you gotta try.

Fave Flavours:
• Pnkman: This mysterious mix is a top pick, blending fruits and citrus with a hint of secrecy to keep vapers hooked.
Pnkman Dripp shortfill (Image)

• Pink Lemonade: A classic choice, Dripp's take on pink lemonade is zesty and perfect for those craving a tangy-sweet hit.
Pink Lemonade Dripp shortfill (Image)

• Apple Berry Ice: A delightful blend of fresh apple, ripe berries, and a frosty kick, this flavour is a fruity treat with a refreshing twist.
Apple Berry Ice Dripp shortfill (Image)

4. Jammin Shortfills

Jammin Shortfills are a stalwart favourite in the vaping community, famous for its dessert-inspired flavours that are synonymous with comfort and joy. For those with a sweet tooth, these are a must-try.

Top Flavours:
• Blueberry Jam Tart: A delectable blend capturing the essence of freshly baked blueberry jam tarts that are sure to satisfy your craving for all things sweet.
Blueberry Jam Tart Jammin shortfill (Image)

• Strawberry Jam: A simple yet effective flavour, this E-Juice replicates the undisputed joy of freshly made strawberry jam—full of goodness with every inhale.
Strawberry Jam Jammin shortfill (Image)

• Raspberry Clotted Cream Scone: A flavour that takes dessert to a whole new level, this scone-inspired blend oozes sophistication and sweetness in each draw.
Raspberry Clotted Cream Scone Jammin shortfill (Image)

To wrap up

Shortfills are like the top choice for vapers looking to dive into the tastiest flavours vaping has to offer. With their adaptability and personal touch, they suit all taste buds and styles, ensuring every vaper can craft their perfect vape experience. By letting users tweak nicotine levels, shortfills not only meet individual needs but also put flavour in the spotlight.

Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned pro, the wide range of shortfill flavours opens up a world of taste adventures, making them a top pick for anyone wanting to spice up their vaping journey with premium flavours.