Quit Smoking this VApril & Make the Switch to Vaping

Quit Smoking this VApril & Make the Switch to Vaping

Are you trying to quit smoking?

12 April 2023 | Hannah Rubery

Quit Smoking this VApril & Make the Switch to Vaping (Image)

VApril 2023 is here with a welcome alternative! It's time to switch from cigarettes and save both money and your health - vaping offers the perfect solution. You can finally break free of the habit for good, all while keeping those medical bills in check.

What is VApril and why should you care?

Have you been considering making the switch from smoking to vaping? VApril is an amazing campaign dedicated to helping smokers make healthier choices when it comes to their wellbeing.

Every April, and throughout the year with activities like World No Tobacco Day on May 31st, there are plenty of resources available online for helping you quit smoking. The UKVIA offers expert advice along with product reviews and more! Make sure 2023 is your healthiest yet; join in this influential movement that has already helped countless numbers quit smoking for good... it's never too late!

If you're trying to kick the habit and be smoke-free, VApril 2023 is here for your journey! Take advantage of the resources and find out why you should make the switch, to make a smart switch. It could just be that life-changing move you've been looking forward to taking on!

The facts not fiction about vaping

You’ve probably heard a lot about vaping and there’s a lot of hot topics surrounding vaping. So, we’ve broken down some of the most important things you should know.

Vaping is the smarter alternative when it comes to your health – research and science have spoken, repeatedly confirming that vaping helps you take back control. It's 95% less harmful than cigarette smoke! So why not make a switch today?

A 2021 survey revealed that less than a third of smokers truly believe in the potentially life-saving benefits associated with vaping as opposed to smoking. It's an eye-opening reminder for us all about getting educated on health decisions!

Fruit flavours are the most popular flavour among adults, followed by mint/menthol, and flavours do matter when it comes to quitting smoking.

Despite the popularity of disposable vape devices, tank kits remain the most popular in 2022 for vapers. Surveys gathered suggested over 60% of vapers regularly use tank type products as their main device for vaping.

A recent study in 2022 found that 56% of current vapers who are ex-smokers, have been vaping for over 3 years. This was from a sample of 2.4 million ex-smokers who are currently vaping.

Some suggest that vaping doesn’t actually help smokers quit but countless research, including updated research from Cochrane, shows that vaping does in fact help. It was found with high certainty that E-Cigarettes with nicotine increased quit rates compared to traditional NRTs.

VApril with the UKVIA (Image)

Why VApril 2023 is important to the UK

VApril 2023 is the UKVIA's way of giving smokers a helping hand in their journey to quitting cigarettes. Not only does it promote the industry and spread awareness around vaping, but more importantly helps those who want to make that life-changing switch by providing reliable information so they can make informed decisions about their health!

The world needs to know - quit smoking with confidence, take advantage of all that vaping has got going for you this April! And with the UK leading the charge, perhaps more countries will start to follow by our example.

How you can quit smoking today with Pod Salt

Ready to quit smoking and make a fresh start? With VApril 2023, you can switch over to vaping with Pod Salt – one of the top-tier brands in the UK! From nicotine levels that are perfect for your needs all the way down to delectable flavours - it's everything you need for an awesome vaping experience. Plus, Pod Salt products offer quality at affordable prices so quitting won't break the bank either!

Through VApril 2023, you can explore our range of Pod Salt products to find what’s right for you and make the switch in no time. We are also running VApril offers to help smokers start their quitting journey, and keep vapers stocked up for the road ahead. Join the thousands of former smokers who have successfully switched to vaping through Pod Salt. Start your quitting journey today with us with satisfaction guaranteed.

Pod Salt Nicotine Salts offer strong nicotine hits perfect for even the heaviest of smokers, whilst providing a smooth vape. With a wide range of flavours available as Nicotine Salts and disposable vapes, there's something for everyone.

Ready to put an end to smoking? Take part in VApril and embark on your path towards a healthier, smoke-free lifestyle!