New Year Resolutions: Vaping with Pod Salt  Quit Smoking

New Year Resolutions #QuitSmoking

Start 2020 in a new way and delve into the world of vaping.

7 Jan | Daniel Hollyman

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At My Vapery, we always like to make the most of the New Year. You can’t beat the fresh starts, the spring cleaning, and setting idealistic resolutions. It’s a time for making changes and trying out new things.

Now, we’re not going to try to convince you to set the bar too high. If you find inner peace and genuinely start attending the local gym twice a week, then hats off to you, but this year it’s all about those small things that can make a real difference.

Everyone has their own personal goals and from experience, it’s the people who take it step by step to achieving those aims that usually go the distance. This could be said about many things, but when it comes to vaping, it is certainly the case.

Making the switch from tobacco to vaping is an incredibly rewarding and worthwhile change to make in your life. Listening to people’s experiences shows us that vaping can provide a great alternative to smoking in everyday life, whilst the scientific community continues to point towards the benefits of vaping.

Vaping is seen as a great middle-ground option that gets you off traditional tobacco cigarettes but maintains a varying degree of nicotine strength, giving you flexibility and peace of mind.

You’ll be glad to know that we’ve helped thousands of people along the road to a smoke-free life, but we also understand that it can take time and you have to go at your own pace.

Going back to that New Year’s ‘step by step’ attitude, many smokers find it useful to gradually allow vaping into their routine. In very much the same way that someone might struggle to suddenly attend countless fitness sessions having never done so before, why not try building up a progressive approach to changing your habits?

Over time, you might just find that slow and steady does win the race.

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