Best 10 Vape Flavours to Quit Cigarettes With

Best 10 Vape Flavours to Quit Cigarettes With

Plus why a flavour ban in the UK would not help smokers.

29 February 2024 | Hannah Rubery

Best 10 Vape Flavours to Quit Cigarettes With (Image)

Smoking is a habit that many try to kick and, more often than not, fail. Enter vaping – a trend that has taken the world by storm as a potentially useful tool for quitting cigarettes. One might think the lure of nicotine is the only reason vaping has helped so many ex-smokers, but the truth might taste a little more flavourful.

The myriad vape juice flavours not only make the switch more palatable but also create an array of sensory experiences that have been successful in drawing people away from conventional tobacco.

For those starting their vaping journeys or looking to shake off the final shackles of smoking addiction, here are the top 10 vape flavours that might just entice you into a healthier lifestyle.

1. Mixed Berries

Vaping's like that glow-up you can't stop staring at. With its support in the quit-smoking mission, along with the delicious flavour options and ever-growing culture around it, vaping has skyrocketed in popularity. For those who've tried everything to quit, vaping offers a wide range of nicotine strengths, so you can slowly wean yourself off. Starting can be a little daunting so we've listed the top 10 things you should know before getting started.

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2. Double Apple (Apple Aniseed)

For vapers looking for a bit of a kick and something exotic, the double apple, often mixed with aniseed for that hint of liquorice zing, stands out. Its fresh, red apple flavour pairs well with the smoky depth of aniseed, resulting in a vape that's both invigorating and mysteriously smooth. This Middle Eastern classic may not be for everyone, but it's played a key role in steering many ex-smokers from the taste of tobacco towards a more refined palate.

Double Apple Go Zero (Image)

3. Watermelon

You might argue that nothing tastes quite as much like summer as the refreshing sweetness of watermelon. Its light, sweet nature lends it to a smooth vaping experience, and the slightly floral aftertaste is a far cry from the harsh bitterness of a cigarette. Watermelon vape juice is a palate cleanser for the senses, and its subtle aroma leaves a quiet reminder of warmer months, lifting the spirits of anyone who partakes.

Watermelon Breeze Pod Salt Core Nic Salt (Image)

4. Strawberry

Strawberries are universally adored for their fragrance and delicateness, making them a prime choice for ex-smokers who are looking for a soft landing away from the clutches of tobacco. The creamy undertone, often paired with strawberries in vape juice, creates a milkshake-like experience that’s comforting yet never overpowering. Other strawberry flavours tend to lean more toward the syrupy iteration, adding a sugary sweetness that is a true delight. This familiarity helps ease vapers into a routine that doesn't include regular cravings for a real strawberry shake-up.

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5. Fresh Mint

The old and reliable – fresh mint. It's a flavour that shirks commitment to any particular season or palette and is universally adored for its invigorating, clean taste. Ideal for anyone who’s determined to quit, it provides the punch of minty freshness that wakes up the senses. Fresh mint has been a staple in helping vapers keep the habit fresh and interesting without straying towards the blandness of unflavoured vape juice.

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6. Menthol

For many, menthol is the first stop in the ‘gateway’ to quitting smoking. It replicates the cooling sensation associated with a menthol cigarette and is a straightforward transition for traditional menthol cigarette smokers. It maintains a link to the familiar while introducing a regimen that's already less harmful to the body.

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7. Cuban Crème

A more unique entry, Cuban Crème, embodies the rich, slightly sweet taste of Cuban tobacco, fused with the decadent creaminess of a high-quality vanilla bean. It's a more indulgent flavour that can serve as a treat for vapers averse to overly sweet fruit vape juices. Some smokers have grown to enjoy the rich and earthy tastes of tobacco, but the reason why Cuban Crème is our go-to is thanks to the complimenting sweetness that delights even those who don't enjoy tobacco tastes.

Cuban Creme Pod Salt Origin Nic Salts (Image)

8. Cola Lime

Fizz and zest collide in this blast from the past, combining the classic taste of cola with a tart, sour lime twist. Cola Lime evokes memories of sodas and sweets with a balanced, not-so-sour flavour that’s accessible to a variety of taste preferences. It’s a flavour that can subconsciously rewire the pleasure of taste away from the dangers of cigarettes and toward something almost fun by comparison.

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9. Rainbow

One of the more recent pop culture influences on vaping, "rainbow" or candy flavours have taken the market by storm. They promise an entire collection of fruits and sugary tastes in one hit, giving a kaleidoscopic sensory experience that both delights and distracts. With the ability to constantly surprise the taste buds, it’s a strategic choice for vapers looking to avoid stagnation and subsequent temptation to go back to cigarettes. Candy flavours tend to err on the side of nostalgia which can be a strong motivator for helping quit.

Rainbow Pod Salt Nexus Nic Salt (Image)

10. Mojito

Mojito vape juice takes its inspiration from the classic cocktail, blending the zingy lime, the cooling effect of mint, and the sweetness of sugar cane for a taste that’s both complex and refreshing. It’s a flavour that’s reminiscent of relaxation and good times, choices that are not usually aligned with the need to smoke. This alternative association can be a powerful tool for those moments where former smokers find themselves reaching for an absent pack. Nowadays you can find a variety of mojitos flavours blended with different fruit.

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In Conclusion

The world of vaping and vape juice flavours offers an eclectic palette of tastes and sensations for individuals to explore. They play a vital role in helping people quit smoking by not only providing a safer nicotine delivery system but by offering a sensory experience that’s diverse, rewarding and – most crucially – much less harmful than traditional cigarettes.

The UK government mulling over a vape flavour ban is a wake-up call on the fragility of these healthier alternatives. Could a ban undo hard-fought battles against smoking addiction, setting public health efforts back? Let's acknowledge how flavours are key to the vaping experience and push for responsible laws that protect public health and individual choice. Countless studies have pleaded the case for flavours as an important factor in vaping to quit cigarettes. One study reported in the Harm Reduction Journal with almost 70,000 participants noted the most prevalent flavours were fruit and considered the most helpful for quitting smoking.

For vapers and soon-to-be ex-smokers, the world of vapes offers myriad ways to break the habit, and these flavours serve not only to please the palate but to set you on the path to a smoke-free future. And with 1-in-3 vapers reporting they would likely return to cigarettes if a flavour ban was to come around, the UK government must tread carefully.