Latest News – Fake Disposable Vape Products

Latest News – Fake Disposable Vape Products

The vaping industry is currently being rocked by fake Geek Bar disposable vapes, should you be wary?

16 November | Hannah Rubery

Latest News – Fake Disposable Vape Products (Image)

The vaping industry has been booming with growth each year as more and more people make the switch to vaping. And of course, wherever there is success, there are those looking to capitalise from it. Counterfeit vaping products and market imitations have become more prevalent over the years, but why should you care?

The Problem with Fakes

Many of these vape products can appear genuine which can lure you into a false sense of security, especially if you see it at a much cheaper price, after all who doesn’t love a bargain? The Tobacco and Related Products Regulations (TPD) ensure that your vape products are safe and tested, a process that requires manufacturers to let governing bodies know the exact ingredients used. As you might expect, these fakes do not comply with this meaning that illegal and harmful ingredients or strengths, often end up in these products.

Where did they come from?

Many of these vape products are manufactured in China by companies who have no regard for quality control and product safety. These products are often manufactured cheaply with lesser ingredients meaning that not only is your product a lesser version but could be harmful to you!

Fake Geek Bars in the news

With the rising popularity of disposable vape devices, Geek Bar in particular, it was only a matter of time before this too felt the sting of counterfeiting. The UK market has seen a large influx of fake and cloned Geek Bars, as well as non TPD compliant versions. Not only does this impact and hurt the manufactures of Geek Bar who receive unfair criticism of alleged products, but also impact the health of any who mistakenly use these products.

In the UK we have strict guidelines and restrictions on the selling of vaping products for the safety of customers. So, when the Geek Bar Pro, a product that was sellable for the US but not the UK due to its larger volume of E-Liquid, started cropping up in the UK this also raised red flags.

Customers wrongly purchasing this item in the UK may believe that they’re getting their usual amount of E-Liquid and usual strength of nicotine (no more than 2ml and 20mg/ml). This was not the case as it was found to be 50mg/ml in these devices, something that could have serious issues for those trying to use them.

Check your products authenticity with pod salt (Image)

How to avoid Fake Vape Products

Serial Numbers

All products include serial numbers and if ever in doubt, you can email the manufacturer to verify if you have the correct one, and not a counterfeit one.

Purchase from reputable places

Ensuring that you buy from only reputable companies that are compliant with industry standards is the easiest way of having nothing to worry about. At My Vapery you can trust us to provide you with only top quality vape products.

The cost is too good to be true

Often those tricked into buying imitation vape products are done so with cheap offerings. We are constantly told that if something is too good to be true, it usually is!

Packaging and labelling

Vape products have strict guidelines for packaging so if you look out for key factors, you’ll be sure to spot the fakes. A best before date will be clear on the packaging plus the ingredients list. If the labelling isn’t clear, then avoid it.

If you think you’ve found/bought a fake or counterfeit vape product, we recommend checking the product over before using it, including contacting the manufacturer for the product. For example, the Geek Bar fakes had incorrect manufacturer information on the packaging; a quick google search can tell you who the correct manufacturer for Geek Bars is. Many brands also offer authentification services on their websites for checking your product, such as Pod Salt.

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Don’t get caught out by these imitation products; shop local, shop responsible, shop safely.