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Welcome to the Reward Points Centre

Rewards are an added bonus to your shopping experience and just one of the ways we thank you for being a loyal customer.

  1. Reward Points can be earned at the My Vapery Store on UK and UAE sites.
  2. Points are awarded for various customer actions across the My Vapery website (see below for ‘How to collect Points’).
  3. Points can only be awarded if you have created a My Vapery Customer Account.
  4. Your Reward Point Balance can be redeemed at the Checkout. The value of your Points will be deducted from the total value of any future purchase.
  5. You can save your Reward Points for a future purchase. Please note that Points may expire after a certain date.

How to collect points

  1. Registering an account – create a Customer Account to earn 20 Reward Points.
  2. Making a purchase – earn points every time you make a purchase. The overall amount is based on the price and quantity of products purchased. Essentially, the more items in your basket, the more points you’ll earn.
  3. Subscribe to the My Vapery Newsletter. All we need is your name and email address for 10 Reward Points.
  4. Earn Reward Points by inviting your friends and family to join the My Vapery Community. If they register an account from an invitation you sent, we’ll add 100 Points to your Rewards Balance. Each account holder has a maximum of 5 invitations.
  5. Invitations to Orders – earn 200 Points for every invitation you send which leads to a My Vapery purchase.
  6. Leave a Review – Every time you submit a product review, we’ll give you 50 Reward Points. Please note that inappropriate and/or offensive comments will be removed by the administrator and will not amount to the awarding of points.


What are my Points worth?

Points Value (£)
10 10p
20 20p
50 50p
100 £1.00
200 £2.00

Reward Points are to be used exclusively for My Vapery discounts.

One Point is worth the value of £0.01. The value of your Points will be deducted from the total value of any future purchase at the My Vapery Checkout.

Points cannot be transferred between accounts.

Points cannot be sold or exchanged for cash.

Managing My Reward Points

Through your Customer Account, you have the ability to view and manage your Reward Points Balance. Log in to your account to view your total points (and currency equivalent), and a record of past transactions where you have used Points.