Vape Review – We Are Supergood Shortfills

Vape Review – We Are Supergood Shortfills

We review We Are Supergood shortfills, simplicity lets flavour speak for itself

14 July 2022 | Hannah Rubery

Vape Review – We Are Supergood Shortfills (Image)

Welcome to The Big Tasty

Tall, dark and handsome is the motto for their Butter Collection. This range of dessert flavour vapes offer buttery goodness with each flavour designed specifically with different dessert tastes in mind. That’s not to forget about the fun, funky and playful cocktail range Supergood also offers. These bottles provide authentic flavours to tantalise the taste buds, with dessert and cocktail flavours you’ll find unmatched.

Key Features:
• Minimal & stylish designed brand
• Award-winning dessert and cocktail flavours
• Nic Salts versions available
• 50ml & 100ml shortfills
• 0mg nicotine

What sets this apart from other shortfills?

One thing that helps to set these apart from the rest is the super simple packaging. It just goes to show how much of a real focus they have on their flavour profiles, which, by the way, are phenomenal. The flavours from this range don’t have names, just numbers. This really helps push the focus on you choosing the flavour based off its profile rather than an appealing name. Each flavour is truly unique and not something you’d generally see with other brands that use similar flavours.

What was your experience with Supergood?

They use chubby gorilla bottles which make them super easy to open for mixing in your nic shot. Vaping it for the day was an absolute treat, such rich flavours like this don’t usually become all-day vapes as they are more of a special one-off type of choice. I would say that the same rings true here, I wouldn’t use it as my main go-to flavour for an all-day vape session but that’s because I wouldn’t want to get vapers tongue with this flavour! I would want to finish the bottle and come back to another one a few weeks later and get the experience all over again.

If there was anything I’d change it would be perhaps making the layers of flavours more evident at lower wattages – that would be perfect. But due to the complexity of the flavours, you would be doing it a disservice to mess with what they have going on to be honest.

Vaping Supergood, Butter 2 in particular, is a smooth experience with no dead notes or strange aftertastes. It’s just a true, authentic taste, true to the description of flavorous. What more can you ask for?

What is your favourite flavour?

My favourite would have to be Butter 2. You get the distinct impression that this flavour went through rigorous testing before making it to production. The initial burst of a super fruity jam bleeds into the biscuit undertone whilst also being accompanied by the sweet sugary flavour of meringue.

There are even lashings of cream to finish it off on the backend notes which maintain through into the aftertaste. It’s at this point where it feels like everything comes together with each layer present in the aftertaste that leaves you wanting to go for another puff.

Supergood Butter 2 flavour (Image)

How would you rate the flavour?

It feels warm and fresh to vape, almost like a proper freshly baked dessert. Some dessert flavours can be guilty of being overly sweet to hammer home the flavours, but I feel the biscuit helps stabilise the overall flavour.

When vaping I found it best to vape around 70w with a slightly open airflow as the heat really helps the cream and meringue cut through to round the flavour off nicely. I find that too much airflow just dampened the effect of these two tastes.

If there was anything I would change about the flavour it would perhaps be a touch more cream, but I’m very conscious that it could make it taste more like custard and drown out the biscuit. But it would be interesting to try nonetheless!

What’s your final rating?

5 stars rating (Image) An absolute must for anyone who enjoys dessert vapes! If you haven’t tried it yet you really are missing out. Give Supergood a try whether it be dessert or cocktail, you won’t be disappointed.

- Bryan White, Vaping Connoisseur.

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Price & Value

A 50ml bottle of Supergood goodness is only £12.99 with us here at My Vapery, and it is absolutely worth the price. You can find cheaper dessert prices elsewhere, but they truly pale in comparison – in this case, you really do get what you pay for.

Overall thoughts

Supergood is a brand that delivers authentic tastes that need to be experienced to be believed. With 50ml and 100ml shortfills that are perfect for mixing with Nic Shots to get your nicotine craving, or simple enjoy the flavour without the nicotine, these dessert and cocktail flavours are popular amongst our office and many other vapers. If you want to try them for yourself, we can only recommend!