How to Clean your Pod Kit Coils for Longer Lifespan

How to Clean your Pod Kit Coils for Longer Lifespan

Caring for your Vape Pods can be super simple!

24 May 2023 | Hannah Rubery

How to Clean your Pod Kit Coils for Longer Lifespan (Image)

If you're looking for an easy transition from smoking to vaping, then a pod system is the perfect choice. It's user-friendly, reliable and affordable. With Nicotine Salts added in, you'll get a more intense hit of nicotine with a smoother inhale. But like all vape kits, it needs maintenance in order for it to work properly. Here’s our top tips on how to keep your pod kit coils clean and lasting longer.

Choosing between open and closed pod kits

When it comes to maintaining your pod system, there are two types of pods to choose from - open or closed. The main difference is that closed pods have already been filled with vape juice and are replaced after they’ve been used, while open pods need to be refilled with E-Liquid each time you use them. Closed pods tend to require less maintenance, but you don’t get the same range of flavours or nicotine levels as with open pods. Open pods offer more variability but may require more clean up after use to keep them in top condition. So if you choose to vape open pod systems, make sure you regularly clean your coils for a longer-lasting and better quality vaping experience.

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What you need and how to clean your coils

Unless there are serious problems with your pod coils, what you need to clean your pods is super simple. All you need is a bowl of very hot water - not boiling - and some paper towels. If there's any stubborn gunk on your pod coils then you may need to use a straw brush to gently brush at the coils if they are removable from the pod.

For open pod kits, the process is relatively simple:
1. Remove the pod from your device and unscrew the coil (if possible).
2. Place the coil and pod into a bowl of hot water and stir them about until you see any dark flakes in the water.
3. Take out the pods and coils then replace the water with clean hot water and repeat until you can no longer see any flakes appearing.
4. If you are unable to remove the coil from your pods then you may need to run them under the tap to agitate any gunk on the coils.
5. Dry off the coil with some more paper towels by tapping out any extra water and leaving to dry.

If your coils are still gunked up after this process, then you can go back with a small straw brush and a small amount of alcohol. Make sure that the alcohol is safe for consumption, even cheap vodka will do, but make sure to thoroughly clean again with water afterwards to remove any alcohol residue.

Preventing gunk build up in your vape coils

Gunk build up is the main culprit when it comes to shortening the life of your pod coils. One way to prevent this is to avoid chain vaping, as this will cause too much heat to stay in one area and lead to gunk accumulating. You should also try not let your device get too hot, so avoid leaving them on for an extended period of time and never leave them in direct sunlight.

Another way to prevent gunk build up is to use the correct wattage for your device and coil. Every vape coil has a maximum wattage, so make sure to check the manufacturer's guidelines before using it. Using too much wattage can cause the coil to burn out and leave gunk behind, so always make sure your device’s wattage is set correctly.

Finally, it’s important to keep your coils and pods clean. Regular cleaning can help prevent build up and ensure that your pod system continues working efficiently.

Refilling an open pod cartridge with vape juice (Image)

Fixing a burnt pod coil

If you’ve already burnt out your pod coil, then it’s not necessarily a lost cause. The first thing to do is check the manufacturer's guidelines to see if the coils are replaceable. If they are, then all you need to do is switch them out with a new one and clean your device as described above.

If the coils are not replaceable then you’re going to have to try and fix them yourself. By following the steps above and running the hot water through the drip hole in your pod to try and clean away the burnt gunk, it may or may not help. Don't stress if it doesn't work as, more often than not, it’s a simple case of just replacing your pod as it’s reached its end of the line. It's important to remember that closed-pods are generally designed to be single-use so once the E-Liquid has been used up, you will need to replace the pod.

Last things to think about

Overall, taking care of your pod system is essential to make sure you continue to get the best vaping experience. By following our tips above, you’ll be able to ensure that your pods are always clean and ready for use. Whether you choose closed-pods or open-pods, with a bit of regular maintenance they can last a long time and provide you with an enjoyable vaping experience. But if you are using closed-pods then these are likely to only be intended for single-use, and therefore require no maintenance.