Going Nicotine Free: A Guide To 0mg Vape Juice

Going Nicotine Free: A Guide To 0mg Vape Juice

Why would you swap to nicotine free vapes?

28 February 2023 | Hannah Rubery

Going Nicotine Free: A Guide To 0mg Vape Juice (Image)

If you’re a vaper looking to explore the world of nicotine free vaping, then 0mg vape juice might be right for you. 0mg vape juice, also known as 0mg disposable vapes or 0mg disposable e-cigs, are exactly what they sound like - no nicotine, but all the flavour and enjoyment of traditional vaping. 0mg vape juice is a great way for vapers to explore new flavours or take a break from nicotine-filled e-cigarettes without sacrificing their favourite pastimes.

The Benefits of 0mg Vape Juice and nicotine free disposable vapes

For those looking to explore nicotine free vaping, 0mg vape juices and 0mg disposable vapes are a great option. Unlike regular E-Cigarettes, 0mg vape juice offers the same amount of flavour and convenience without the presence of nicotine. This makes it ideal for people who want to take a break from traditional nicotine-filled E-Cigarettes, those who want to try new flavours without the worry of nicotine, or vapers looking to cut down on their nicotine.

For vapers looking to cut down on their nicotine intake, a no-nicotine vape is the perfect choice. The convenience of a modern 0mg disposable vape means that the vaper can switch to 0mg nicotine anytime they feel like it, while still enjoying all the benefits of vaping. Vaping 0mg E-Liquids can help reduce dependence on nicotine and allow vapers to keep the same habits without having to worry about ingesting too much nicotine.

Although it's not suggested for heavy smokers to switch to nicotine free straight away, it should be a goal during the quitting journey. When first making the switch to vaping, staving off nicotine withdrawal is one of the key points to fight off cigarettes. However, eventually, it should be you goal to lower your nicotine strength until you are able to go nicotine free.

Are nicotine free vapes are safe to enjoy for vapers?

Although nicotine isn’t present in 0mg vape juice, it doesn’t mean that the vaping experience is any less safe. 0mg vape juices still contain the same propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine base that is found in regular e-liquid, so there are no additional health risks associated with vaping 0mg nicotine.

In addition, many manufacturers of 0mg disposable vapes and 0mg e-liquids stick to the same strict quality standards as their regular nicotine-filled counterparts, so vapers can be sure that their 0mg vape juice is produced with the utmost care and quality control. Still, its important to make sure you are choosing a reputable brand to ensure that they have these quality and safety controls.

Are 0mg nicotine vapes really nicotine free?

Yes! 0mg nicotine disposable vapes are completely free of any nicotine. All E-liquids and 0mg disposable vapes that have been verified by the MHRA, will list their ‘nicotine content’ as 0mg. This means you can be sure that 0mg vape juices and 0mg disposable vapes are absolutely nicotine free.

Can nicotine free disposable vapes contain more E-Liquid than nicotine containing ones?

This depends on the country's regulations for example in the UK, a 2ml capacity is the maximum for nicotine containing E-Liquid. However, a 0mg disposable vape can hold more than 2ml of E-Liquid. Most countries regulations are specifically for E-Liquid and devices that contain nicotine, but there are some variations across the globe. If in doubt, check your country's regulations for nicotine-free vape products.

In countries that do not regulate the capacity of nicotine-free products, this makes them incredibly convenient for vapers. Those who want to take their vaping experience on the go and don’t not worry about having to refill their E-Liquid, can enjoy longer lasting vapes with 0mg devices.

Who should use zero nicotine vapes?

As part of your quitting journey, lowering your nicotine levels and eventually quitting nicotine altogether, should be part of your goal. If you’ve only just started your quit-smoking journey then nicotine-free vapes are probably not for you. However, if you’ve been vaping for some time and are looking to finally quit nicotine, these can be perfect for you. Similarly, those who want to get into sub-ohm vaping are more likely to benefit from 0mg vape juice.


In conclusion, 0mg vape juices and 0mg disposable vapes provide an excellent option for those looking to explore nicotine free vaping without sacrificing quality or convenience. Vapers can still enjoy all the same benefits of regular vaping without worrying about ingesting too much nicotine, as long as they stick to reputable brands and products.