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Frequently Asked Questions

Here in our FAQ section you will find answers to many questions from how to make returns to what will happen to vaping after Brexit

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Where do you ship to?

Sadly we’re UK and Northern Ireland only at the moment, but we will have distribution across Europe, and globally in the very near future. Not only will we sell to these territories but we will ship from within them too.

What are your shipping rates?

We have 4 tiers of UK shipping options at present, however all orders over £20 qualify for free 2nd class signed for service. This is upgradable if you desire. Our shipping rates:

  • 2nd Class (£1.95)
  • 2nd Class signed for (£2.75)
  • 1st Class signed for (£3.75)>
  • Guaranteed next day (£6.99)

PLEASE NOTE: That 'Guaranteed next day' service does not apply to orders despatched on a Friday.

How soon will you dispatch after i've ordered?

If you order before 2pm, we will send the same day. After 2pm will be despatched in the next day’s post. Orders placed after 3pm Friday, or over the weekend, will be despatched on the following Monday.

PLEASE NOTE: That 'Guaranteed next day' service does not apply to orders despatched on a Friday.

How do you choose what to stock?

We’ve been vapers for quite some time, and have seen many brands rise and fall. It isn’t enough these days to just have a good flavour… products need to be good across the board. This means liquids that we know contain nothing harmful. This means outstanding branding and labelling. Mostly it’s that intangible gut instinct when you realise that the liquid you just vaped is something rather special.

That’s what we look for when we take on products. Sure, we’ve got the biggest brands around, but we also like to take chances on new brands that we think will be tomorrow’s big favourites. It is this mix of current crowd pleasers, with tomorrow’s crowd pleasers, that make what we offer so unique.

All us dedicated vapers are the same – we all like to make noise about something new, and innovative, and exciting. We want to become the ‘go to’ store for vapers who set trends, not just follow them.

What’s a short fill product?

Short fill products, essentially, get around the 10ml restrictions imposed by the TPD. To learn more about short fill products, please see our blog article: What are short fill eliquids?

How on earth can there be a 36mg nicotine salt product?

It’s something we’re asked a lot! Essentially, the TPD imposes strict limits on the amount of nicotine you can add to an eliquid. The TPD says nothing specifically about nicotine salts, as these products didn’t exist when the regulations were drafted.

A nicotine salt is essentially freebase nicotine, which has been bonded with an acid, to create a more PH neutral variation of nicotine (isolated nicotine is heavily alkaline, which is what makes it harsh on the throat).

So, the producers of Pod Salt and Nic Nic have committed a compromise solution. To produce a 36mg nicotine salt requires just less than 20mg nicotine. So these products comply with the nicotine restrictions imposed by the TPD, while simultaneously providing a satisfyingly heavy nicotine hit, making these highly effective eliquids for people who were previously heavy smokers.

Tell us more about CBD

We’d love to. However, the MHRA have made clear that the minute you make a health claim about CBD, it is no longer a consumer product and requires a medicines license.

All we can say is, the internet is awash with scientific papers and anecdotal accounts of the benefits that could be derived from using CBD. Do a little research to determine if these products could potentially benefit you.

Why are you only offering isolated CBD products and not full spectrum?

First, let’s forget the term ‘full spectrum’. A full spectrum oil would include THC. We lawfully couldn’t do that, even if we wanted to. But ‘vape oil’ CBD presents potential health problems. Your lungs can deal with moisture – whether that be humid climates or a lung full of water-based vapour. But oil is too big a molecule to pass the blood barrier in the lungs, and it doesn’t naturally come out in the vapour of your breath. The oil therefore accumulates, which leads to a condition called lipid pneumonia. This is not a good thing, as a quick google search will demonstrate to you!

Isolated CBD, and isolated CBD infused with terpenes, avoid these harmful lipids, meaning you could vape them long term with no adverse consequences.

Are short fill products safe, if they haven’t gone through TPD?

As a general question, we can’t answer, as there are too many brands out there sidestepping the TPD in this way. We’ve heard horror stories from other vendors about liquids they’ve independently tested, with some shocking results.

The brands we stock are all registering a TPD version of their short fill products to demonstrate they conform to the same high standard as a notified product. Our independent testing shows that all of the products we stock are free of Diacetyl, AcetylPropionyl and Acetoin. This is called ‘headline irritant screening’ and the brands here have passed with flying colours.

Jammin Vape Co have already put all of their products through TPD, and the other short fill products we offer here are moving along that same process.

What will happen when Britain leaves the EU?

That is the million-dollar question! Nobody knows for sure, but one thing we can say with confidence is that the UK Government, Public Health England, Cancer Research UK and the British Lung Foundation, have all seen enough evidence to adopt a pro-vaping stance (in relation to harm vs smoking – nobody would dream of encouraging never-smokers to start vaping).

The APPG on e-cigarettes is aiming towards a more liberal regime for e-cigarettes. Quite what that means is anybody’s guess, but we can have confidence that whatever framework we end up with will be much more sensible than the current regime.

Our hope is that the liquid safety testing elements of the legislation remain, and are in fact tightened in some instances. Restrictions on bottle sizes and advertising need to go. We also believe there was nothing wrong with the old ‘maximum’ nicotine strength of 72mg/ml. If we see legislation along these lines, leaving the EU will have been a good thing indeed for British vapers.

What nicotine level should I start at?

This really depends on two factors:

  • How much did you used to smoke?
  • What equipment are you going to use?

If you smoke around 20 a day and intend to use a starter kit, we recommend starting at 18-24mg.

If you smoke 10 per day and are using a starter kit, try 12-18mg.

If you smoke less than 10 per day and are using a starter kit, try 6-12mg.

If you're using standard beginner setups such as the ego or eSmart starter kits, you will naturally require a higher nicotine strength than if you're using sub ohm tanks and higher power. Some e-cigarettes and personaly vapourisers run at high power. These devices generally allow users to consumer a greater volume of liquid in a shorter space of time than 'standard' equipment. If you're using this type of setup, you will naturally require a low nicotine liquid.