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Essence Blackcurrant Ice 10ml CBD E-Liquid - 300mg

Essence Blackcurrant Ice 10ml CBD E-Liquid - 300mg

Earthy, rich, sweet blackcurrant, with subtle cool. Available in 200mg, 300mg and 500mg strengths
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Isolated CBD is the very essence of the medicinal qualities of the cannabis plant. Essence uses only CBD isolate, rather than 'full spectrum' oils, to give you the safest possible way to vape CBD.

‘Full-spectrum’ CBD is fantastic for oral consumption. Whether that be gels, capsules, edibles, sprays… all cannabinoids have health-giving potential and it is good to get the natural diversity of compounds found in the plant. But full-spectrum CBD should never be vaped, your lungs have no way to eliminate oil. Water-based constituents (such as PG, VG, and flavourings) will pass through the thin lining of your lungs and end up in your bloodstream, or come back out in the natural moisture of your breath.

Isolated CBD, too, passes easily through the lung lining and into your bloodstream. Oil is too big a molecule to pass through the lining, and has no way to evaporate in your breath. So… long-term use leads to an accumulation of oil in your lungs, which can lead to lipid Pneumonia. This is a serious and debilitating condition that should be avoided at all costs.

Every batch of Essence produced is sent for independent analysis, so you can be sure of both the purity of the CBD, and the amount that's in the bottle. No other company goes to such lengths to demonstrate the confidence you can have in their product. You'll find the certificates in the product.

More Information
CBD Product TypeVape e-liquid
CBD Strength300mg
Flavour categoryFruit
Flavour ProfileBlackcurrant, Ice
Bottle Size10ml
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