Why You Should Swap Your Disposable Vape for E-Liquids

Why You Should Swap Your Disposable Vape for Nicotine Salts

Disposable vapes are great, but does that mean they should be your go-to?

17 January 2023 | Hannah Rubery

Why You Should Swap Your Disposable Vape for Nicotine Salts (Image)

People vape for many reasons, most commonly being the need to quit smoking. Vaping has boomed in popularity this past decade with even higher growth in the last few years. No doubt in part thanks to disposables. Disposable vapes offer many pros – they are pre-filled, pre-charged, ready to use from the box and of course single-use meaning there’s no maintenance unlike traditional vape kits.

So, what’s the point of bottles of E-Liquid? Surely if disposable vapes are so great, we wouldn’t need bottles of Nicotine Salts anymore, right? Let’s break down exactly why bottles of E-Liquid are still top-tier in our books.

Experience – The true way to vape

One of the caveats of disposable vapes is that they are ready made for you. This is both a good and not so good thing. For the uninitiated to vaping, disposable vapes are the beginner-friendly device that can get you to grips with vaping. However, they also offer little in the way of the real vaping experience. Vaping preferences are unique to each of us, some prefer a tight draw while others prefer airy pulls, some enjoy a good throat hit while others not so much, some want to create voluptuous clouds while other vapers want to puff away quietly out of sight.

Although disposable vapes have begun to dabble at these variations, they don’t compete with existing kits. Be it the ever-adaptable tank kit, the low-maintenance pod kit or the heavy-hitter sub-ohm and mod kits, there is something for everyone. Adjusting airflow, changing wattage, a different type of coil or atomiser, changing the type of vape wick, all go a long way to tailoring the perfect vape for you. These options might sound daunting at first but trust us when we say a bit of research and you’ll be addicted to the possibilities.

Cost effective – more puffs for your pound

It’s no secret that vaping is cheaper than smoking. Even a single disposable vape is cheaper than a packet of cigarettes, which they are roughly worth the same as. You also don’t need to purchase a kit or tools to maintain your kit, with a disposable device. However, in the long run, disposable vapes can get pricey in comparison to buying bottles of E-Liquid. A single disposable can cost around £5.99 in the UK whereas a 10ml bottle of E-Liquid can cost around £4.

It might not sound like much difference but those disposable devices you’re using only contain 2ml of E-Liquid. To get the same amount of E-Liquid per bottle, in the form of disposable devices, you’d need to buy 5 devices – that’s nearly £30! That should put it into perspective how much you’re saving.

Of course, you need to pick up a kit first to use with your Nic Salt E-Liquid but that’s a one-off purchase with many types of kits that are low-maintenance perfect for newcomers.

Versatility – mix & match the way you want

Buying your own E-Liquid also gives you much more versatility with your vaping. Disposable vapes often come in 20mg Nicotine strength, which can be a bit strong for some vapers. Some brands do offer lower strengths, but the majority are either 20mg or 10mg, with new ventures into nicotine-free devices.

However, buying your own E-Liquid means that you can not only buy the strength you wish (which there is more variety) but you can also specify what type of E-Liquid you’d prefer. Nicotine Salts are quickly becoming the most popular but for those looking for lower strengths, a Freebase nicotine may suit you more. Another pro of buying E-Liquids rather than disposable devices, is that you can mix & match your flavours.

Some vapers enjoy blending two different flavours of E-Liquids together to create something new, although this is very trial and error. It’s also important to make sure you only ever blend the same type and strength of E-Liquids.

Environmentally friendly – less wasted, more gained

One of the biggest things with disposable devices is that they are single use only. Therefore, those looking to limit single use items in favour of environmentally friendly options, should look to using bottles of E-Liquid instead. Not only do you get more E-Liquid for your money with bottles, but you’ll also be creating less waste than when you use disposable vapes.

Disposable vapes are also notoriously hard to recycle due to their complexity and in-built lithium battery. On the flip side, E-Liquid bottles can be taken to your nearby recycling centre – just make sure to double check that your bottles are made from recyclable plastic.

In conclusion, disposable vapes are a great way for many smokers looking to take their first steps into vaping but shouldn’t be the endpoint. Introducing versatility, a more cost-effective method of vaping and creating your own vaping experience, will take your vaping to the next level. Do you use disposable vapes regularly? Let us know in the comments below.