What is the Best Disposable Vape 2021?

What is the Best Disposable Vape 2021?

It's the battle of the disposables; which of them have come out on top this year?

7 December | Hannah Rubery

What is the best disposable vape 2021 (Image)

Disposable vapes have enjoyed a boom in popularity these last couple years and with it have come more amazing brands and flavours. It’s not hard to see why disposable vapes are so popular! With a low initial cost, an easy-to-use design plus with a growing variety of flavours, it’s no surprise that these devices are great for smokers looking to quit smoking and try vaping.

With so much choice in the market for disposable vapes, we’re sure that there may be a few ‘popular’ ones you’ve heard of, but there may be a few vaping gems that you’ve missed. Let’s take a look at some of the best disposable vapes.


Pod Salt Go

Mixed with Pod Salt’s award-winning nicotine salt, these disposable devices are sleek and minimal, perfect for stealth vapers. With a 400mAh battery that provides around 500 puffs, you’ll be vaping your favourite flavour for longer. There are a variety of fruit and tobacco flavours included.

Available in 20mg/ml nicotine salt strength, ideal for smokers first making the switch as they produce a strong nicotine hit but are still smooth on the throat. The experience of vaping these simple beauties is one that everyone should try and is certainly a must for those thinking about swapping from smoking to vaping.


Pod salt go - mixed berries ice (Image)

Doozy Nix

This brand-new offering from the masters of vape over at Doozy, truly is a doozy! Not only have they brought out some of their most popular flavours in disposable form, but they offer not only different nicotine strengths but 0mg/ml versions too. Many vapers have requested 0mg/ml disposables for some time.

No fuss with filling up a vape tank or pod with a shortfill, just vape nicotine-free E-Liquid on the go whenever the mood takes you. Tied in with a great range of popular fruit and beverage-inspired flavours, these are not to be missed.


Doozy Nix Sweet Cherry (Image)

Dripp Mini

Mini in size but might in flavour, this new disposable device from Dripp has come leaps and bounds. Between its fun and quirky design to the wide range of flavours, there’s no surprise why this is fast becoming popular. With up to 600 puffs per device, boasting quality nicotine salts and a consistent vape, these are sure to become a firm favourite for those who have yet to try them. With so many flavours to choose from, you must try every flavour to get the real Dripp Mini feel.


Dripp Mini (Image)

Cali Greens Go

A perfect alternative to nicotine, CBD vapes are becoming increasingly popular and there’s no better than Cali Greens Go disposable devices. These slim and portable devices feature stylish designs, and you really can taste the difference. Combining award-winning CBD and popular flavours, this range offers 150mg of CBD per device. Feel confident in yourself with Cali Greens, we certainly do!


Cali Greens Go (Image)

Nasty Fix

If you’ve heard of Nasty Juice then you must try their disposable vapes; and if you haven’t, don’t miss out! Featuring their most popular flavours as well as new blends, this pocket-friendly vape, this is one of the first disposable vapes to offer an adjustable airflow.

Not only does it offer up to 675 puffs per device, but their AirFix technology means you can adjust it to have a tighter or looser airflow to tailor to your preference of vaping – a real game-changer!

Nasty Fix disposable(Image)

Have you tried any of these top disposable vapes this year? If so, which has been your favourite or if it’s not listed here, let us know in the comments. We’re sure that there’s always more in store with disposable vapes as their popularity continues. We look forward to seeing what 2022 has to offer…