Vape Review – Jammin E-Liquids

Vape Review – Jammin E-Liquids

We review Jammin E-Liquids, the sweet afternoon tea-inspired E-Liquids

9 November | Hannah Rubery

Vape Review – Jammin E-Liquids (Image)

Welcome to Jammin

A perfectly classic approach to timeless, British flavours. This range of shortfills solely focus on delicious jam-based flavours, with sweet vape liquids that will satisfy even the most intense sweet tooth cravings. Brought to you by Jammin Vape Co, there’s a variety of raspberry, strawberry and blueberry flavours plus a classic Victoria Sponge cake flavour. Get jammy with Jammin!

Key Features:
●  British-inspired Bakery & Dessert flavours
●  70VG/30PG ratio
●  Nicotine-free
●  50ml liquid
●  60ml bottle perfect for adding your Nicotine/Nicotine Salt shot to

If you’ve yet to try Jammin E-Liquids then let us tell you the thoughts from one of our vaping enthusiasts.

What makes it different from other similar products?

I really enjoyed the sweetness and richness of the flavours. The flavours combine perfectly, and it wasn’t overly sweet like some dessert vapes can be, it’s just at that precipice of a proper sweet treat that you can still use regularly.

Jammin is really unique compared to other brands because they really focus on afternoon tea-style flavours and execute it flawlessly. I haven’t seen flavour combos like these anywhere else.

What is your favourite flavour?

It has to be Raspberry Jam Clotted Cream Scone, just thinking about it again makes my mouth water. And this vape really does make you taste all the elements in a perfect blend without feeling overpowered by sweetness. The sweet jam and cream flavours are perfectly balanced with the buttery scone flavour.

How would you rate the flavour?

Speaking specifically about the Raspberry Jam Clotted Cream Scone flavour, it’s a sweet and zesty raspberry jam taste with deliciously sweet cream, balanced on the layers of buttery scone. Utterly rich and indulgent. Is there anything I’d change about it? Absolutely not!

Jammin E-Liquid Shortfill, Raspberry Jam Clotted Cream Scone flavour (Image)

What was your experience with the product?

From the moment you open it up and fill up your tank, the smell just reels you in. The branding just screams afternoon tea on a summer’s day, quite classy with a fun twist that feels appealing.

Vaping it for the day was a deliciously indulgent treat; like getting to try your favourite dessert time and time again without the calories. The only thing with this sort of ratio E-Liquid is that there’s a potential for it to kill your coils, so enjoy it from time to time rather than an all-day vape. I’d also say it’s better to use with a high-power device to really cut through all the individual layers of flavour to get the maximum taste.

What’s your final rating?

5 stars rating (Image)Definitely 5 stars, I can’t fault this truly unique offering and it’s a must buy for dessert lovers. You won’t be disappointed.

- Brian White, Vaping Enthusiast.

My Verdict Title (Image)

Price & Value

At £14.99 for 50ml these are a premium E-Liquid shortfill but not one to be missed. It really shines within the crowded dessert space, offering an addictive and satisfying vape every time.

Overall thoughts

There’s only positive things to be said about Jammin. If you are looking for classically British flavours that you can enjoy without being overly sweet, but perfectly indulgent, look no further than these shortfills. The flavours feel authentic and the brand itself is a tailored niche but that allows it to really shine and become an expert at what it does.

Shortfills can be used alone, or you can add Nicotine/Nicotine Salt shots to them to help soothe nicotine cravings. The bonus of shortfills is that you can easily lower your nicotine intake using them by adding less or no nicotine to them.