Best Drink Flavoured E-Liquid and Disposables to Try 2022

Best Drink Flavoured E-Liquid and Disposables to Try 2022

It’s the year of beverage flavoured vapes, here’s our top picks.

19 July 2022 | Hannah Rubery

Best Drink Flavoured E-Liquid and Disposables to Try 2022 (Image)

This year we’ve noticed that a lot of vapers are choosing a specific range of flavours more often than others, and that’s drink-flavoured vapes. There’s a whole host of flavours within the beverage category, perhaps why it’s become so popular, from complex combos to simply drinks. Here are our top picks for the most popular drinks category that we think you need to try next.

Cola flavoured vape you need to try

It has to be Pod Salt’s Cola Lime, especially the GO 600 version. There’s something about this disposable that delivers not only the tasty notes of cola we all love, but the kick of lime is just right. It’s undeniably refreshing and authentic which is why it’s our favourite right now.

That’s not to say there aren’t other great Cola Limes out there, for example, The Big Tasty has a cracking variation, but nothing quite beats the feel of this flavour in a disposable vape. Just like picking up a can of cola while you’re out and about.

Cola lime flavour vapes (Image)

Lemonade flavoured vape you need to try

There really are so many amazing lemonade flavours out there. In particular, vapers are loving pink lemonade as their bubbly beverage of choice. It was a tough decision but eventually, we settled on Dripp Mini Pink Lemonade. Sweet and zingy, this blend of lemonade combines citrus and fresh raspberries to create a refreshing summer/spring vape.

Even better, you can get a shortfill version from Dripp that you can either enjoy at 0mg for the full flavour effect or add a nic shot for a low-nicotine hit.

Pink Lemonade flavour vapes (Image)

Cocktail flavoured vape you need to try

It wouldn’t be us if we didn’t rave about The Big Tasty’s Midnight Berry Colada. This cocktail-inspired shortfill is the perfect indulgent vape that you will want to enjoy all night long. Blending rich blackberries, delicately sweet strawberries, and fresh coconut, it’s a richly seductive take on the classic Pina Colada drink.

Enjoy this shortfill nicotine-free or add a nic shot for your desired nicotine strength. At

Cocktail flavour vapes (Image)

Energy drink flavoured vape you need to try

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Bloody Bull from Dripp Mini is the perfect energy drink flavour that will have you bouncing. And Dripp Mini spoils you for choice with three distinct flavours of energy drinks to choose from.

Our personal favourite is without a doubt Bloody Bull Strawberry for its well-balanced flavour. Energy flavours can sometimes be overly sweet, but the strawberry hit helps balance the sweetness to something a little gentler.

Then of course there is the Bloody Bull Grape that brings fragrant, sweet notes to the mix that works a treat with the energy drink sweetness. Grape flavours aren’t for everyone but if you do enjoy grape, we certainly think you should give this one a go.

Energy drink flavour vapes (Image)

What’s your favourite beverage flavour? Let us know below!